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Seven students at Salt Lake Valley Youth Center were asked to choose an inspiring 
artist to be the subject of a large-scale, collaborative drawing. 

After a little brainstorming and discussion, they settled on American singer and 
songwriter Jelly Roll, who was incarcerated as a young person and went on to 
become a three-time CMT award winner and Grammy nominee. He’s played 
concerts in youth detention centers and has raised hundreds of thousands of 
dollars to support at-risk youth.

Jelly Roll's music speaks to class struggle and the need for belonging on a host 
of levels. In the words of one student, A.A.H., "I think we chose Jelly Roll because 
he relates to us in a lot of ways, he grew up in an unstable household, was in DT...
but he noticed there was more...and started making music talking about his life, 
motivating people."

Photo credit: Robin Pendergrast

"Jelly Roll"
Charcoal on paper
9 x 9 ft
artists: G.S., S.S., R.L.A., J.H.L., A.A.H., J., Z. 

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