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   About Utah’s 
Art + Justice Lab

The University of Utah’s Art + Justice Lab offers high quality arts programming to incarcerated learners, working with youth at four different detention facilities throughout the state of Utah as well as with adults at the Utah State Correctional Facility. 

The Lab’s foundation is an understanding that the arts have the power to enrich the lives of each and every individual, and that it is possible to build a more just society by providing equal access to the arts. 

Our program includes multiple avenues of engagement, including credit-bearing and non-credit-bearing classes, workshops, community collaborations, as well as beautification projects on both sides of the wall. These efforts focus on creating a community of learning, one in which students lead and arts educators provide critical aesthetic feedback every step of the way. 

Daycy Gomez
Andy Eisen
Ashley Cook
Mia Brown
Ruben Gomez

Emily Kersten Warneke
Kyra Solis
Mollie Hosmer-Dillard
Brenda Payan-Medina
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